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Year 2018 Annual MHQ rules

General RULES of Annual MHQ


MAS/Homebrew/QRP on air meetings

MHQ (the simpler the better)


To let Radio Amateurs interested in QRP, MINIMAL, SOLID-STATE or VALVE but HOMEMADE radios, to meet on the air to enjoy, test and experiment with their equipment, hopefully in QRM-free portions of the Radio Amateur bands.

These are encouraged to share experiences and information about their stations and homemade devices on a website, by sending short descriptions, pictures and hand-sketched schematics, to let to all the Radio Amateurs community to know about their activities.



  1.   5 Annual QRP/Ham main events:

    • OQRP MAS, May 
    • GQRP Club Valve day, Spring 
    • GQRP Club Valve day, Fall 
    • OQRP Homebrew & Oldtime Party
    • OQRP Contest, December   

  1. Daily:

On three preferential HF portions:

  • 80 mt: 3.562 – 3.570 kHz + 3.579 kHz
  • 40 mt: 7.032 - 7.040 kHz
  • 30 mt: 10.125 - 10.130 kHz

during which radio contacts can be arranged so not to excessively occupy the QRP calling frequencies.

During ordinary days, skeds between Stations are encouraged. Logs summarizing the annual activity on the above bands and in the specified time windows can be sent, containing no more than 50 QSOs that can be chosen among all that have been done along the year by the Operator.

There will be one general ranking for all categories, with the aim to show what can be done with our equipment and how far we can get with our means.


QRP: Equal or less than 5 W out, on Radiotelegraphy (CW) sent manually and decoded by the Operator:

  1. RX homebrew, max 50 comps, coupled to any TX
  2. TX homebrew, max 50 comps, coupled to any RX
  3. RX/TX homebrew, max 100 comps
  4. All tubes RTX, max 100 comps - Ham can use XTALs and ANALOG VFO and this shall be stated on the log


  1. 1.5
  2. 1
  3. 2
  4. 2.5

For any XTAL driven TX, additional X 2 multiplier

If the QSO is between TWO XTAL driven Stations, the multiplier will be X 4 for both

For any Station that sends all Logs (5 Events + the annual Log), a further bonus/multiplier X 1.5 (50% of points added).


  • 1 point / QSO
  • 4 points / QSO if the contacted Operator will send his Log

Final score: points X multipliers


Stations participating to MHQ on ordinary week days, may identify themselves to others interested in the same initiative, by calling ‘CQ CQ MHQ de (call) ’.


Logs must indicate: date, GMT, Frequency or Band, call, RSTs, RSTr, name, QTH, ev. statement if XTAL is used, rig. Participants must send their Logs, schematic of the rig used, possibly with pictures. A summary sheet, containing a declaration stating the every rule and frequency portions of bands has been respected, signed by the participant, must be added to the log.

Log must be sent not later than 20 days after the Event, and not later than January 20 for the annual Log.

Address for Logs submission:


There will be just one general ranking with all participants, to show what the Ops. use and build with their hands to get on the air.


The first classified in each category will receive an electronic (PDF) certificate.

A special certificate and an electronic (hardware) prize will be given to the distinguished Operator, selected by the organzing Committee, for:

  • station / rig originality
  • operating conditions oddity
  • homebrew equipment technical distinctive trait

The organizing Committee assessment will be irrevocable, and will in general involve organizing Committees of other events in the spirit of MHQ.


Result and reference website with links to the various Clubs :

For posting schematics, or arranging sked, posting the request, or any contact with other guys in the group, we have a group where you can sign, the address is:

If you prefer to download the Rules file (Word format), link here; or you can send the request to email address and the rule file will be send to you.

Rules will be updated as necessary, downstream to suggestions, issues or when any improvement will appear useful.

sabato 1 luglio 2017

Annual MAS/Homebrew/QRP on air meetings MHQ

This pages will contain the rules and result of the MHQ, the schematics or link to the QRPcc MAS and G QRP Club that manage the on air events which the MHQ refers.

The aim is to let Ham-peoples interested in some minimal form of radio activity, QRP, with or without tubes, (using CW), meet others, share ideas, experiences, and tech notes, and have on air skeds in some regular dates and frequencies, in Europe Ham region to test what their homebrewed equipments may do and where they can go.